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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning services at The Well

The Life of Christ

Biblical chronicling of the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

God Is Love

The ins and outs about Gods love for humanity

Where We Stand

Learn where we stand on biblical issues

The Well Difference

Helping people become students of God's Word

Rightly dividing the word of God is one of the biggest challenges in today's culture. Oftentimes when people read the bible they don't understand the meaning but instead draw from it what they want it to say. Without correct division and application of the truth in God's word, we lead unchanged and powerless lives.

Our mission at The Well is to educate,
and to help you understand the true meaning of the text by teaching the bible through the original languages, cultures and settings.
This allows us to better understand what the passages say and what the writers meant when they wrote them.

If you want to learn what the bible really says,
Come To The Well.

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Daniel & Amy Smith
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